Amadou Samba UK Has Only Great Things to Say about NHID

Amadou Samba UK brings back good news about NHID. In November 2010, Samba came forward with his report on King Mohammad VI’s National Initiative on Human Development, which he started in 2005 for the benefit of Moroccans. The group was backed by investors who put in over 866M (Euros) in the belief that the organization’s efforts would eventually pay off and pave the way for a brighter and more financially secure future for the Moroccans. As of 2010, such a dream appears highly likely to come true, considering how literally millions of individuals have already received aid from the group.

Contrary to popular belief, however, NHID isn’t all about giving a free helping hand to impoverished citizens of Morocco and thus risk making them overly independent. Rather, NHID practices the principle of participation and this is visible in each and every activity it’s launched. So far, NHID had successfully various seminars, projects, classes, and all types of activities that helped individuals develop a finer sense of self and a greater appreciation of their own strengths. Overall, NHID believed that self-empowerment, more than any other type of aid, was the greatest gift they can give to people. And due to their nonstop efforts in making people change their way of living and thinking, the positive consequences that resulted from their outreach have rebounded tremendously. Entire communities had changed and even local government units had improved. With the help of NHID, Amadou Samba UK says, local officials were now more motivated to uphold their dignity, remain confident, govern well, and actively participate in looking for more sustainable ways of helping the public.

Amadou Samba UK – Giving Hope to Gambians

Nationals of Gambia believe that Amadou Samba UK is one man that has given hope to the people. All the companies he established in the company that range from different industries have helped Gambia prosper economically. He is one that has inspired Gambians, businessmen and entrepreneurs alike, to see the great opportunities that the nation has to offer. Because of all his contributions to developing the country, many see Samba as one whose legacy will continue on through time for all his achievements and selfless acts for the people of Gambia. Although he has accomplished great success, he doesn’t forget those who are less fortunate and takes the time to donate to various charities in Gambia for all the good causes.


Amadou Samba UK continues to be involved in the business industry in Gambia with the many companies he has developed, but he is often in the shores of the UK where he is seeking opportunities to involve in possible business with the British. Samba is considered the modern day Gambian who thinks big and is a patriot ensuring the best for his people and his country. His business enterprise is the most successful amongst any Gambian and is one that is supported by all people. Samba did not only establish businesses to earn money, but he also established these businesses for the people. This is quite clear with the different businesses he put up varying from water bottling companies, cement packaging, construction, fisheries, and many more. Instead of just developing companies, he addressed the needs of the people first.

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